Vote for the Myszków Musical in the Civic Budget of the Silesian Voivodeship.

We encourage voting for the musical “Teodor Cieszkowski and his Mrzyglodzka Adventure,” a project submitted as part of the Silesian Voivodeship Citizen’s Budget. Voting is open until September 19th.

The task consists of creating an original musical performance that tells the story of Colonel Teodor Cieszkowski and his companions, with a particular focus on the Battle of Mrzyglod (February 28th/March 1st, 1863). The project will involve both artists and amateurs – children and youth. It will be a grand event with live music (orchestra), choir, and singing actors. The performance will narrate a story that took place in our area (Mrzyglod is currently a district of Myszkow), which not everyone has heard of. The main goal is to familiarize the inhabitants of the northern subregion with their history and, through this, build their regional and national identity.

Voting lasts until September 19th! Link to vote:

How to vote?
Step 1 – choose the task MBO-0085/P6/21 from the REGIO pool (Teodor Cieszkowski and his Mrzyglodzka Adventure) and assign it the appropriate number of points (from 1 to 3 points).
Step 2 – authenticate yourself by providing your information (phone number, first and last name, PESEL number, mother’s name).
Step 3 – confirm your choice by clicking SEND.
Step 4 – approve the assigned points by entering the code that you will receive via SMS to the provided phone number, and then click APPROVE. Once approved, it won’t be possible to change your decision or vote again.