With best wishes to the distinguished Jubilants.

On December 12th, in the Wedding Hall of the City Hall, Mayor Włodzimierz Żak presented medals from the President of the Republic of Poland for long-standing marriages.

Dear Jubilants, besides the medals, they received flowers and gifts from the city leader, and the ceremony was completed with a glass of champagne.

“I wish you many more years together in health and love,” said Mayor Włodzimierz Żak.

The 50th anniversary of marriage was celebrated by:
Jadwiga and Henryk Czarnecki
Irena and Tadeusz Korolewski
Wiesława and Roman Krzemiński
Danuta and Bogdan Matyski
Halina and Zygmunt Męcik
Krystyna and Henryk Starczewski
Barbara and Stefan Starostecki
Halina and Witold Szymański
Zofia and Władysław Śpiewak
Barbara and Jan Wójcik