Wójcin, Żarnów and Opoczno at the forefront

The sports competition of children and school youth was summarized at the Opoczno county office. Throughout the school year, Opoczno students compete in the Children’s Games, School Youth Games, and Licealiada. Special trophies and diplomas were awarded at the special summary event to institutions that performed the best in this competition. County Governor Marcin Baranowski.

In the Children’s Games, in which students from the year 2010 and younger participated, the best turned out to be the Primary School in Wójcin. Bożena Hernoga is the director of the institution. She emphasizes that the students of the school willingly participate in various sports competitions.

The School Youth Games were an opportunity for students born in 2008 and 2009 to compete. Once again, the Primary School in Żarnów proved to be equal to none. Barbara Kantor, director of the institution.

The Team of County Schools in Opoczno emerged as the confident winners in the Licealiada. Piotr Ziuziakowski, deputy director.

One of the contributors to the school’s sporting success is Klaudia Kowalczyk.

Mirosław Kuleta, physical education teacher at ZSP in Opoczno.

During the summary, special thanks were also received by physical education teachers. They were received by: Ewa Łakomska (Modrzew Primary School based in Ziębów), Teresa Krzymińska (Primary School in Żarnów), Mariusz Koćmin (Primary School in Wójcin), Zbigniew Fura (Public Primary School in Sławno), Rafał Marszałek (Mniszków Primary School).