You can apply for an artistic scholarship.

Tomasz Osewski, Mayor of the Ełk Municipality, has announced the opportunity to submit applications for artistic scholarships until December 31, 2023. These scholarships are intended for individuals demonstrating exceptional creative activity and representing a high artistic level. The offered funds aim to support the field of art and promote culture in the region. The artistic scholarships are individual in nature and directed towards exceptionally talented residents of the Ełk Municipality. Mayor Tomasz Osewski emphasizes that priority is given to those who not only reside, but also actively operate in the Ełk Municipality. The offered scholarships cover various artistic disciplines, providing support for creators from different areas. The available disciplines include visual arts, theater and stage art, music and dance, singing, literature, film, photography, as well as organizing cultural events in the Ełk Municipality. – In order to apply for a scholarship, candidates must submit an application by December 31, 2022 – informs Mayor Tomasz Osewski. – This process aims to select individuals who not only demonstrate a high artistic level, but also actively contribute to the cultural development of the region. Additional information regarding artistic scholarships and detailed application procedures can be obtained at the Department for Servicing Organizational Units in the Ełk Municipality Office, located at ul. Tadeusza Kościuszki 28A. Interested individuals can also contact us by phone at: 87 619 45 90 or 619 45 28.