ZUS warns against scammers using the so-called spoofing technique.

ZUS receives signals about so-called phone spoofing. It involves impersonating any phone number or contact name. Although the recipient’s phone displays specific information about the caller or message sender, someone else is actually making the call or sending the message. In this way, scammers increasingly masquerade as bank consultants or government representatives.

In recent days, ZUS has received reports from clients stating that they have received calls from the hotline number of the institution, i.e., from the number 22 560 16 00. This call number is displayed on the client’s phone, and during the conversation, the person calling, using broken Polish, asks whether the client confirms a change in the phone number for their PUE account and whether, on behalf of ZUS, they should inform banks about the change in phone number. – Please do not confirm anything like this. I would like to remind you that consultants from the ZUS hotline do not call clients regarding changes in phone numbers for accounts on the ZUS Electronic Services Platform or changes in phone numbers used for communication with banks – reminds Beata Kopczyńska, regional press spokesperson for ZUS.

According to ZUS standards, when there is a need for an employee of the institution to contact a client, ZUS consultants introduce themselves by providing their name and surname and convey substantive information, usually related to the client’s question. – Our conversations may also concern a summons for a medical leave inspection or be related to a specific matter being handled by ZUS on behalf of the client. We do not change the phone number used for client authentication in the system through this method – the spokesperson warns. – Once again, we kindly ask clients to remain vigilant and cautious, and not to provide their login credentials for PUE ZUS to anyone.