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Private hospital in Gliwice sold for one złoty. It was bought by City Hospital No. 4.

Private hospital Vito-Med has been sold to Municipal Hospital No. 4 in Gliwice for one złoty. From the new year, the facility could cease to exist….

Permeable surfaces and a rain garden in the city center. The square in Tychy already renovated.

The renovation of the Constitution of May 3 Square in Tychy has been completed, during which the parking lot was renovated, new sidewalks and a path were built. New plantings have also appeared….

Do they want to ensure pay raises for miners before the change of government? There is a new salary demand in JSW.

The trade unionists have called on the management of Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa to demand a pay raise….

Teenagers told a little boy to give up on Ruch Chorzów, and high school students hate on their classmates for bad parking.

Videos have appeared on the internet showing a group of teenagers tormenting a young boy because he supports Ruch Chorzów. The Agere Aude Foundation is warning that online class groups are breeding grounds for hate….

The President of Świętochłowice cooperated with PiS. Now, he appoints Aleksandra Poloczek, who is associated with the Third Way, as his deputy.

Daniel Beger, the President of Świętochłowice, admitted that he collaborated with PiS in order to “prevent bankruptcy”. PiS is ending its reign, and Beger appoints Aleksandra Poloczek, affiliated with the Third Way, as the Vice President….

TVN24: In the Piast mine in Bieruń, there are tons of dangerous waste.

Dangerous substances, expired chemicals, and municipal waste are stored underground in the Piast mine in Bieruń – according to TVN24….

During the trial in Katowice, the ceiling collapsed. Room 310 is temporarily out of service.

On Wednesday (November 8th), an unusual situation occurred at the District Court in Katowice. During a hearing, the ceiling collapsed. – Nobody was hurt – assures the court spokesperson….

Charges against former heads of JSW Innowacje. Prosecution: they acted to the detriment of the company

The first charges in the investigation regarding irregularities in JSW Innowacje have been filed. Former executives of this company are suspected of acting to its detriment and causing damages in the amount of over 365,000 zł….

Road workers are closing down the road on the main bridge leading to the Beskidy mountains. Drivers can expect major traffic jams.

The Management of Provincial Roads has informed that starting from Thursday (November 9th), drivers can expect significant changes in traffic on the main bridge in Sole in Żywiec….

“Sport” will cease to be published after 78 years. “We are not giving up yet.”

Gremi Media SA has announced that it will cease publishing the local newspaper “Sport” based in Katowice at the end of November. This is the last sports newspaper on the market that has been continuously published since 1945….

The gangsters issued fictitious invoices for PLN 1.8 billion. Then they defrauded PLN 350 million.

The Silesian police have dismantled a gang involved in fictitious trading of groceries and car parts. – Investigators claim that its members have defrauded 350 million PLN in VAT….

The Beatles have returned. “It’s the most beautiful gift for us, Beatles fans,” says Adam Drewniok, a musician from Rybnik.

Fans of The Beatles already know what they will get for Christmas. “Now and Then,” the new song of the Fab Four, has sparked a shopping frenzy. On November 10th, the track will be released on reissued compilations. Adam Drewniok, a Beatle fan from Rybnik, tells us about The Beatles’ “red” and “blue” albums….

The abandoned shopping center in Dąbrowa Górnicza is spoiling the city. The vandalized building, destroyed shelters, and empty parking lots.

The closed shopping center in Dąbrowa Górnicza on Katowicka Street has been standing empty and deteriorating for years. Meanwhile, experts say that the commercial property market in the country is not yet fully saturated. Although there has been a departure from large shopping centers in the Silesian Province….

A bullet in the forehead and two in the back. The boss of the renovation crew at the Rybnik ZGM is an actor after hours.

In the play “Hotel Korfanty” he is an extra, but he has several moving roles to his credit, including Salomon Morel, the commander of the Zgoda Camp in Świętochłowice, accused of crimes against humanity….

Katowice has created a parking lot in the city center that needs to be eliminated. This is one of the last places where cars can park for free.

Road workers from Katowice announce the elimination of a parking lot that they themselves have arranged on al. Korfantego. It is not possible to charge fees for parking here….

A speeding semi-truck collided with a roadside assistance vehicle, resulting in the death of a 49-year-old. Delays on S52 will last for several days.

For the next few days, drivers will have to deal with disruptions on road S52. This is the result of a tragic accident. On Tuesday, the police provided details of the incident….

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The University of Economics in Katowice celebrates its 85th anniversary

We started celebrating the anniversary with the inauguration of the academic year, and today’s celebration is their culmination. We celebrate it under the slogan “Strength in unity”, emphasizing that our strength lies in dialogue and social responsibility – said prof. Celina Olszak, rector of the University of Economics in Katowice, during the University’s Jubilee Day.
Źródło: Gazeta.pl

The head of the Silesian mafia burst into tears in court. After 24 years, he was acquitted of the charge of ordering a murder

Failure of the prosecutor’s office in Katowice. Janusz T., ps. Krakowiak was acquitted of the charge of ordering a murder. All other people involved in this crime were also cleared of suspicion.
Źródło: Gazeta.pl