Informacje z Legnicy i okolic


The Legnica Foundation has started providing assistance to Israel.

A Legnica foundation engaged in helping Israeli families from the conflict-affected zone in the Middle East. Cars departed from Germany, transporting hygiene packages. Due to restrictions to Israel at the moment, food supplies couldn’t be sent….

There are already trees in Słowiański Square.

Powerful trucks arrived today at Słowiański Square in Legnica with tree seedlings. Although seedlings are usually associated with something small, here we are talking about trees that are several years old. The city gardener, Henryka Zdziech, inspected this exceptional delivery and – as… (Please note that the HTML code and HTML comments should not be changed)…

Councillors for YES. Single-family houses will be built on Gumińskiego Street.

This investment has raised many concerns. The residents of Legnica have even gathered over 200 signatures against it. However, ultimately, during the session of the Legnica City Council, the residential investment project on Gumińskiego street was adopted. The plan entails the construction of 12 buildings……

Benches are already there, soon there will be trees.

The reconstruction of Słowiański Square in Legnica is expected to be completed by the end of this month. The final stage of the work is already visible, as the first elements of so-called small architecture have appeared. This includes benches with wooden seats placed on concrete……

Additional terms for examinations within the “Beat melanoma” campaign.

The “Beat Melanoma – Check Yourself” campaign in Legnica has received such a tremendous response that all available consultation slots with the specialist were filled within one day. The city has made the decision to increase the pool of free screenings. It is stated… (Please note that without reference to the specific content of the text, the translation may not be entirely accurate)….