Informacje z woj. lubelskiego


Kraśnik construction boom. In the city of Fabryki Łożysk Tocznych, 300 new apartments are being built.

The interest of developers is the best evidence of the potential of cities. If over 300 new apartments are being built in Kraśnik, a city with a population of 34,000, it means that the city is developing rapidly….

We know which projects will be implemented within the participatory budget. The “Sportowa Berylowa” has won.

39 investments are to be implemented in Lublin as part of the participatory budget. The idea of creating a sports area at Berylowa Street and building new sidewalks over Zalew Zemborzycki received the most support….

Lublin students have written the Grand Climate Knowledge Test. “Our planet is at risk, and we want to live in a normal world.”

What is albedo? What does Kai’s Identity describe? What did countries agree to in the Paris Agreement of 2015? These were some of the questions answered by participants of the Lublin Great Climate Knowledge Test….

Metropolitan station in Lublin. The city hall is implementing a new traffic organization and opening Dworcowa Street.

On Monday, November 13th, after several months, the city hall opens Dworcowa street to traffic. The entire traffic organization around the newly built metropolitan station will also change….

Non-round anniversary. Recently, 49 years have passed since the Polish volleyball players won their first World Championship. [COMMENT]

In their history, Polish volleyball players have achieved many successes: they have been three-time world champions, Olympic gold medalists, and also European champions, which they currently are….

The employee of the police station destroyed their fence and car. She no longer talks about the mysterious car and has admitted her guilt.

The police concluded that it was not a mysterious black car, but rather Renata M. who is responsible for causing the collision and damaging the fence and car of the residents of Dęblin. “I am certain that without the intervention of ‘Wyborcza’ newspaper, the case would have had a different outcome,” says one of the victims….

KPR is no longer undefeated. The beautiful series of the Kobierzyce team was interrupted by MKS FunFloor Lublin.

This was a match between the Polish Vice Champions, MKS FunFloor, and the bronze medalist, KPR. The Lublin team proved to be better, winning 28:23 at the end of the first round of the Orlen Superliga….

Sexist sessions in Bogdance during the PiS rule are the norm. A year ago, scantily clad models were also photographed there.

Calendars featuring photographs of scantily clad models taken in Bogdance hang on the walls of workshops, offices, and warehouses in the mine. A similar session was conducted there a year ago, and the management of the mine, run by people from PiS, was supposed to know about it six days ago….

Special match. The vice-champion of Poland, MKS FunFloor Lublin, will play against the bronze medalist, KPR Gmina Kobierzyce.

On Tuesday, the handball players of MKS FunFloor will play their last match in the Orlen Superliga this year. The team from Lublin will face the undefeated KPR Gminy Kobierzyce at the Tomasza Wójtowicza Globus Hall….

The mayor constructed a road in the municipality governed by his wife and boasted about the investment. The prosecutor is charging him with serious allegations.

The chairman of Chelm Piotr Deniszczuk was boasting about the construction of a road within the housing cooperative. Now, he is facing troubles. The prosecution believes that he exceeded his authority and also provided false information in the documents. He may now face up to 10 years in prison….

Claudia in the hands of brutal rapists. Neither the 21-year-old nor her perpetrator lived to see justice. This story is shocking.

Andrzej K. was released from prison on parole in mid-June. Two weeks later, he became the assailant of a 21-year-old activist from the Polish People’s Party….

The best speedway rider in the world will continue to ride for Motor Lublin. Bartosz Zmarzlik stays.

During the end of the speedway season, it was announced that Bartosz Zmarzlik will continue to represent Platinum Motor. A two-year contract has been signed with the four-time individual world champion….

The obelisk commemorating the Jews of Biłgoraj was destroyed. “The first such case.”

Just after the ceremonies commemorating the anniversary of the murder of Jews from Biłgoraj by the Germans, unknown perpetrators destroyed the monument commemorating their presence in the city. – This is the first such case – says Artur Bara from the Biłgoraj Cultural Association named after Singer….

The wife of the PiS county head found a job at a school that is under the jurisdiction of the county. “The law has not been broken, everyone has their own morality.”

The wife of Tomasz Marzęda, a Law and Justice (PiS) county governor in Lubartów, has recently started working in a school supervised by the county. Despite this, the politician doesn’t see any problem with it. As he explains, he can’t obstruct his wife’s development….

Choose the Treasure of Cultural Space. This time it is greenery combined with business [VOTING].

The “Cultural Spaces Treasures” plebiscite aims to showcase the beautiful and unknown corners of the city. This time, we are looking for the best combination of green areas and business….

Polecane publikacje

Niepublikowane rozmowy z Edwardem Stachurą. Promocja nowej książki w Domu Słów

Dom Słów zaprasza 13 czerwca o godz. 17 na spotkanie promocyjne książki “Taśmy Stachury”, na którym obecna będzie rodzina pisarza: Jan Stachura (brat Edwarda Stachury) z żoną Jadwigą i Monika Stachura (bratanica).

Motor Lublin walczy z Wilkami Krosno. Niestety bez Dominika Kubery

W zaległym meczu III kolejki PGE Ekstraligi broniący złota żużlowcy Platinum Motoru spotkają się w poniedziałek z Cellfastem Wilkami. Gospodarze wystąpią w osłabionym składzie – bez Dominika Kubery.