New LPG tank in Gdansk Refinery ready for use.

The investment related to the construction of a new LPG tank at the Gdansk Refinery is coming to an end. The facility will have a capacity of 1700 cubic meters. The plan includes an increase in LPG storage capabilities. The existing four tanks did not cover the entire plant’s demand. The fifth tank is supposed to change that. A dispatch pumping station was also built, through which liquefied gas is transported to the filling stations. The result of the investment is an increase in storage options from 800 to 1200 tons per day.

PKN Orlen expands the filling station

Part of the investment also includes the expansion of the filling station used to fill tanks transported by rail. The diameter of the new tank is expected to exceed 6 meters. Its length, on the other hand, is 73 meters. The investment cost 67 million Polish zlotys. The tank is capable of maintaining LPG at a pressure of 17 bars within a temperature range of -45 to 55 degrees Celsius.

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