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Unusual operation and evacuation. Anti-terrorists walked through school corridors with weapons.

This is just an exercise….

He walked with bloodied hands and terrorized the residents. He was deported.

Police officers from Wronek detained a foreigner who terrorized residents and posed a threat to their safety. He has been deported to Ukraine….

This is what the new Fiat 126p looks like. The iconic Polish car, now in an electric and refreshed version. A legend of Polish automotive industry in a new edition PHOTOS

The Maluch, Fiat 126p, would like to have many automotive fans in its garage in a new version. This is the new Fiat 126p – the Vision 126 electric car. The successor to the Polish Fiat is also the first fully electric design from the Italian company. The designers have preserved the characteristic silhouette, and the refreshed Fiat 126p is slightly larger than the small car, of which thousands of examples have traversed Polish roads….

Poles are not aware of this supplement! 600 PLN with no criteria. Check the details on 9th November 2023.

Not many people know about this financial supplement! However, it is not difficult to obtain it, as a little effort is enough to earn extra money. We explain how to get 600 zł every month….

Does the Fuchsia not bloom or drop its buds? Just take care of a few things, and it will be covered in flowers. Check out how to care for this plant.

Poinsettias, also known as Schlumbergeras or Christmas cacti, are wonderful houseplants. One of their advantages is that they bloom in autumn and winter. Theoretically, they should bloom during the Christmas holidays, but in practice, they can start blooming as early as November, or even October. However, it also happens that the poinsettia doesn’t bloom or drops its buds. We will give you some tips on how to address this and what to do to ensure that your Christmas cacti delight you with their …

This is what the Old Market Square in Poznań looks like from a bird’s-eye view. Does it already make an impression? Check out the impressive photos!

Will they make it or not? Residents of the capital of Greater Poland and tourists wonder if the renovation teams will handle the major renovation of the Old Market Square in Poznań according to the deadline. Time is passing relentlessly, and the essential construction works are supposed to be completed in the second half of November. In the past few days, the work has clearly sped up. This can be observed in the latest impressive aerial photos. Take a look at how the Old Market Square in Pozna…

Will there be crowds again? On Saturday, the residents of Poznań will have fun at the name day celebrations of Święty Marcin Street. Here is the program!

It has been announced that November 11th in Poznań will be exceptional….

ofert pracy w straży granicznej. Na najniższych stopniach, tj. strażniku SG i starszym strażniku SG, zarobki wynoszą odpowiednio 2,800 złotych (ok. 740 dolarów) oraz 3,500 złotych (ok. 925 dolarów) netto. W przypadku starszego strażnika SG znajdującego się na stanowisku patrolu granicznego, zarobki mogą wzrosnąć do 4,000 złotych (ok. 1,060 dolarów). Oficer SG, który jest na wyższym stanowisku od starszego strażnika, może otrzymywać wynagrodzenie w wysokości 4,500 złotych (ok. 1,190 dolarów) netto. Kolejnym stopniem awansu jest podoficer SG, którego zarobki wynoszą 5,000 złotych (ok. 1,324 dolarów) netto. Natomiast w przypadku oficera SG, najwyższego stopnia w straży granicznej, wynagrodzenie wynosi 6,000 złotych (ok. 1,590 dolarów) netto. Warto zaznaczyć, że powyższe kwoty to jedynie informacje ogólne i mogą się różnić w zależności od wielu czynników, takich jak staż pracy czy dodatki za pełnienie specjalnych funkcji.

Salaries in the Border Guard, like in other uniformed services, depend on rank, length of service, and many other factors. Working in the BG, you can also expect certain allowances and bonuses. How much can you earn in the Border Guard in 2023? We know the exact rates for each rank!…

These people will not be recruited into the military. Who will not be called up for exercises? Whom will the Military Recruitment Centre’s calls for army service in 2023 miss?

Military conscription in 2023. The Military Recruitment Center can call up to 250,000 people for training next year. This is all due to the actions of the Ministry of National Defense. A list of individuals who may receive a call-up for military service has been published. In Poland, the mandatory military service applies to males. In some cases, it also includes females. Who exactly does it apply to? Anyone who received a military category “A” during the military examination can expect to be ca…

Today, Polish tennis players start competing in BJKC. Where can I watch it? How much does access to the match broadcast cost?

Polish tennis players haven’t had a chance to appear on the court yet, and they already have a match for it all during the Billie Jean King Cup finals, which is being held in Seville since Tuesday. Our team will face Canada, who defeated Spain on Wednesday. If the North American team proves to be better today, they will secure a spot in the semi-finals….

Registration for free vocational counseling training for teachers is now open. Who can apply and how? Here are the key details.

The Ministry of Education and Science informed that teachers from the Mazovian and Łódź provinces can still sign up for free vocational and educational counseling training. The aim of the training is to prepare the teaching staff for the tasks in this area in accordance with the ORE standard. How can one sign up?…

The residents have been waiting a long time for this minibus line. Additional stops will now be introduced for it.

We are talking about line number 416….

It is November. When will the renovations in the center of Poznan be completed?

Translate the text into English. Do not modify the HTML code and HTML comments….

Legionella in the showers at the swimming pool. The facility has been closed until further notice!

This is a situation from Krotoszyn….

CBA at the mayor’s house. He has been detained.

The case concerns the mayor of Września….

Unusual phenomenon. It’s worth looking at the sky today!

Venus will be covered by the Moon….

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Poznaniak zdobył Mount Everest. Ostatni ze szczytów Korony Ziemi

Wiosną ubiegłego roku pisaliśmy o podróży w Himalaje Bartłomieja Wróblewskiego, poznaniaka. Wyruszył na 2-miesięczną wyprawę, by zdobyć ostatni ze szczytów Korony Ziemi – Mount Everest. Niestety do wejścia na szczyt zabrakło mu 500 metrów. W tym roku ponownie pojechał w Himalaje i cel osiągnął.
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Auta w piasku po "czyszczeniu ulicy". ZDM: to nie tak ma wyglądać. Będzie talon na mycie dla właścicieli ubrudzonych aut!

W czwartek opisywaliśmy na epoznan.pl wieczorne czyszczenie ulicy Chwaliszewo, którego skutki okazały się opłakane dla właścicieli aut zaparkowanych przy drodze.
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