Informacje z woj. podkarpackiego


Traffic disruptions during the March of Freedom.

The Municipal Road and Communication Board informs that due to the planned march on Friday, November 10th, there may be temporary disruptions in traffic and the operation of city buses in the area of Kazimierz Wielki Square, between approximately 11:50-12:10. The Freedom March, organized as part of the celebrations of the anniversary of Poland’s independence, will begin around 11:30 in front of the Municipal Office building at Corazziego Square. Participants will then proceed through Żeromskieg…

105th anniversary of Poland regaining independence in the region

In Maleńc, nails of independence will be forged, in Fałkowo a monument of Marshal Piłsudski will be unveiled, and the dean of Konecko invites you to the collegiate church to sing patriotic songs. There will also be flower wreaths and an independence run. In Końskie, celebrations of National Independence Day will begin on November 10th. On that day, a ceremony will be organized at Primary School No. 2. The main festivities will start on November 11th at the Monument of Gratitude. After a shor…

Think about the clogged trucks. City President: “Empty rest areas, empty highway, and city blocked.”

The long queue of trucks waiting at the Medyka-Szegini border crossing reaches all the way to Przemyśl. “There will be no consent to cyclically paralyze the city just because someone cannot find ways to buffer the queue outside the city limits,” announces Wojciech Bakun, the mayor of Przemyśl….

The last recruitment for 6MBOT.

This is the last call to submit an application and join the ranks of the 6th Mazovian Territorial Defense Brigade this year. The final basic training will begin on November 18th, 2023, followed by a remedial training for former soldiers a week later. Serving in the Territorial Defense Forces is an excellent opportunity to combine personal and professional life with serving the homeland. Thanks to the territorial nature of the service, soldiers do not have to leave their loved ones, give up their…

Police raid on a house in Wola Raniżowska. Dangerous criminal wanted by a warrant apprehended.

A 42-year-old man from Stalowa Wola, wanted by an arrest warrant, was apprehended by officers from the Search and Identification Department of the Provincial Police Headquarters in Rzeszów. The man is a dangerous criminal wanted for drug offenses, illegal possession of firearms, and assault on a public servant….

“Pro-Putin DJ” spreads fake news about mammography. “Such texts can be lethal.”

There is a post circulating online claiming that mammography is harmful for women. “Mammography is the biggest organized crime against women,” wrote a Bosnian DJ. “If I hadn’t been getting mammograms every year, I would have found out in two or three years that I only had six months left to live,” says Anna Skiba, a councilor, activist, and politician from Rzeszów, who was diagnosed with breast cancer. …

Who is the chief of staff of the Independence March organization? He denied the existence of anti-Semitism and went to war against women fighting for their rights.

Lawyer and historian, who denied the existence of antisemitism, protested against free tickets for foreign students in Rzeszow’s public transportation and waged war against women’s rights activists. Marcin Kowalski is a well-known figure in the nationalist community in Podkarpackie region, and now he is the head of the organization’s headquarters for this year’s Independence March. He doesn’t hide that he is thinking about getting into politics….

Independence Day concert

Forgotten treasures of Polish music. A concert under this title is being organized on the occasion of Independence Day on November 11, 2023 by the Radom Chamber Orchestra. The concert for Independence Day will feature: Tomasz Pawłowski – piano, Andrzej Wojciechowski – clarinet, basset clarinet, Jarosław Praszczałek – conductor, and the Radom Chamber Orchestra. The program will include: Feliks Janiewicz – Divertimento, Beniamin Baczewski – Concerto for basset clarinet, Wojciech Albert Sowińsk…

Regarding flu vaccinations for seniors

From November 13, 2023, flu vaccinations for senior citizens in Radom will only take place on Mondays and Fridays. Starting Monday, November 13, 2023, flu vaccinations for senior citizens in Radom will only take place on Mondays and Fridays from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Individuals above the age of 65 are eligible for the vaccinations. Please bring your ID to the Vaccination Consultation Point at Radom Specialist Hospital, located at 4 Lekarska Street in the Vaccination Clinic for Children and Youth,…

On November 11th, two car events took place at the Automobilklub Radomski.

Two car events are organized on November 11, 2023, by the Radom Automobile Club. Super Sprint on the occasion of Independence Day – the 5th round of the Warsaw District Championships of the Polish Automobile and Motorcycle Association in Super Sprint will take place on November 11, 2023, in Radom. This event is aimed at amateur drivers. Participants will be divided into 8 classes, depending on, among other things, the displacement of the car’s engine. The Radom Automobile Club is also organizing…

Mercedes collided with Volkswagen on DK 12.

In Klwata Królewska (Radom County), on national road number 12, there was a collision between two cars. The perpetrator hit the other vehicle while overtaking, and additionally, he was under the influence of alcohol. The accident occurred around 6:00 PM, when the driver of the Mercedes hit the Volkswagen driving in front of him while overtaking. The driver and passenger of the Mercedes were taken to the hospital. The perpetrator of the accident was driving under the influence of alcohol….

Collision of 3 vehicles in Iłża (DK 9)

On national road No. 9 in Iłża, around 4:30 PM, there was a collision between two cars and a truck. The investigation is still ongoing at the scene. Expect traffic disruptions. According to preliminary findings from the Police in Radom, the driver of the Ford collided with the truck while exiting from a give way road, and then also hit another car on DK No. 9. The driver of the Ford was transported to the hospital….

Take part in the field game PatrioTYzm – share it!

The ZHR Girl Scouts in Radom are organizing a field game called PatrioTYzm – pass it on! to celebrate Independence Day on Saturday, November 11, 2023, from 10 am to 1 pm. Prizes are waiting! Just gather a team (family, friends, neighbors, etc.) and take up the challenge of joyful celebration on November 11. The ZHR Girl Scouts invite you to participate in this exciting outdoor game – PatrioTYzm – pass it on! – to commemorate November 11. Together, you will have a great time engaging in various a…

For Independence. Two concerts in Borki Cultural Center.

Two concerts on the occasion of Independence Day are organized by Borki Cultural Center in Radom. Children and young people, participants of vocal classes at Borki Cultural Center, will perform on November 10, 2023, in a concert titled “Independent and Defiant”. On November 13, 2023, there will be a joint singing of patriotic and uprising songs with the Nestor Voice band. Kuba Kosiński, a singing instructor at Borki Cultural Center, invites you to the concerts: [audio url=”images/mp3/info_2023/…

Hedgehog Day at the Borka Library

The Hedgehog Day celebrations took place on Wednesday, November 8, 2023, at the Borki Library. Preschool children visited Branch No. 9 of the MBP on Sucha Street in Radom. The occasion was the upcoming International Hedgehog Day, which falls on November 10. On this occasion, Jeżoteczka, a hedgehog shelf, was also opened, with books about hedgehogs on it. It was a bit educational and a bit arts and crafts. The youngest readers could learn more about hedgehog habits, their treats, and create thei…

Truck drivers are waiting at the Medyka border for 50 hours. “There are around 800 people waiting.”

A queue of trucks trying to cross the border with Ukraine is growing in Medyka. There are 800 vehicles waiting for passage. In Podkarpackie Voivodeship, this is currently the only terminal for vehicles weighing more than 7.5 tons. Protesters from the transport industry are blocking the border in Korczowa….