State Forests are buying land for new plantations.

State Forests in recent years have been intensively preparing areas for afforestation, resulting in a steadily increasing number of forest areas in Poland. This is the result of a campaign involving the acquisition of land for creating new forests. The principles were established in accordance with the Regulation No. 79 of the Director General of State Forests dated December 30, 2021, regulating the rules for enlarging forest resources. It sets out the principles on which private individuals can sell land to State Forests for afforestation or existing forests.

What factors affect land valuation?

When it comes to the valuation of land to be resold, many aspects have an influence, including the area, shape of the plot, its location, and the tree species growing on it. An important element in the purchasing process will be the affiliation of a given area to a specific forest district. A forest suitable for sale should be designated as forest land. The Lublin Regional Directorate of State Forests has already started acquiring land, purchasing over 79 ha. The plan assumes that by 2050, State Forests will increase their area by as much as 33%.

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