Informacje z woj. zachodnio-pomorskiego


Don’t eat or buy this in Biedronka, Lidl, Auchan, or Kaufland. Be careful with these products. They have been withdrawn from sale! Warnings from GIS!

Do not buy this in supermarkets! The Chief Sanitary Inspectorate warns against products that could be purchased in stores such as Lidl, Kaufland, Biedronka, or Rossmann. Check what should not be consumed and what needs to be discarded. Names, batch numbers, manufacturer. This is why food from the most popular supermarkets is sometimes recalled….

Here’s how you can boost your immune system. These ingredients are worth incorporating into your diet to avoid getting sick. These are the top 14 proven immune-boosting products.

It’s important to take care of our immune system not only during the autumn-winter season. Supporting the immune system should be a constant practice for everyone in order to enjoy good health throughout the year. Vitamins and dietary supplements can be effective, but the most important thing is what we feed our bodies. Check out which products are the richest in immunity-boosting ingredients….

, ale również za korzystanie z telefonu, internetu czy nawet za dodatkową pościel. Podstawowe usługi medyczne, takie jak wizyty u lekarza czy badania, są bezpłatne, jednak wiele innych rzeczy może wiązać się z dodatkowymi kosztami. Dlatego ważne jest, aby być świadomym tych opłat i mieć na nie odpowiednie środki finansowe.

Hospital stays are not pleasant. Everyone tries their best to take care of their health, but sometimes we have to spend more time in the hospital. Even if this stay is funded by the National Health Fund, there are still things and services that patients will have to pay for out of their own pocket. What expenses do we need to prepare for? Check it out!…

Here’s when you can throw away old documents and receipts. How long should you keep documents? Tax returns, invoices, declarations, and receipts. Check!

Storing old documents can be problematic for organized and tidy individuals. Unnecessary papers can take up too much space and clutter up home drawers. It is worth reviewing the accumulated paperwork and getting rid of what is no longer relevant. Check how long bills, tax returns, invoices, and other documents can be discarded….

Extra money for a retiree (November 2023). This is how you can get the care allowance for retirees and pensioners.

Retirees and pensioners can count on financial support. One of them is a care allowance, which helps cover the costs resulting from the senior’s inability or limited ability to function independently. What conditions must be met? How much is the benefit? Let’s find out the details….

Here is the translation of the text into English: This is how much accessories and additions from the times of the People’s Republic of Poland cost. Here are unique items straight from the PRL era. Do you have them at home? Collectible coins, baubles, and furniture.

The interior design of homes in the Polish People’s Republic (PRL) was quite unique. Although this style may now seem somewhat outdated, collectors from all over Poland are constantly searching for unique items from that era. It is worth going through old items stored in the attic and checking if you have any 70s gems. Some of them could be worth a fortune. Check out what items and at what price internet users are selling on OLX….

Do you have those banknotes? They cost a fortune. What do collectors pay attention to? Thousands worth millions. It’s possible. Maybe you have them at home? Check.

We all know that coins can be worth a fortune. But what about banknotes? Few of us realize that they can be worth a fortune as well. Collectible, rare, with errors or simply old. How much could banknotes from the times of the Polish People’s Republic (PRL) be worth? Can a 10 złoty banknote be sold for multiple times its face value? Take a look at the gallery and see if there are any banknotes hiding in your home that could significantly increase the size of your wallet!…

Coffee with lemon supports weight loss and cures hangovers? Be careful! 11/9/2023

Many of us can’t imagine a day without a cup of coffee. However, not many people know that it can be consumed not only with sugar or milk, but also with… lemon. Furthermore, coffee with lemon can aid in weight loss and improve metabolism. But is it completely healthy? Discover the effects of drinking coffee with lemon….

How to set up a vegetable garden on a balcony? Check out how to start the adventure of growing vegetables on 9.11.2023.

You don’t need a big house with a garden to fulfill your dream of having your own vegetable garden. If you live in an apartment, you can create a vegetable patch on your balcony and complement it with fruits and flowers. Here’s how to do it without changing the HTML code and HTML comments….

Are your service or product the most beautiful gift from Western Pomerania? Contest

“The regional office has announced that they are looking for the most beautiful gifts straight from our region. A new competition has been launched – ‘West Pomerania, the best for a gift’.”…

Tragic fire on Lubomirskiego street in Szczecin. Two people have died.

The fire broke out early in the morning on Thursday. It was burning an empty building on Lubomirskiego Street in Szczecin. Inside, firefighters found two bodies….

The ship built in Szczecin has been awarded with the title of Ship of the Year 2023 at the ceremony in the Netherlands.

“There was a lot of buzz around ‘Canopée’ last year when the residents of Szczecin saw the original ship being built in Szczecin. Now, the vessel has been honored with the title of Ship of the Year 2023 at the Maritime Awards Gala in Rotterdam.”…

“Best Diploma Works 2023”. Adaptation of the Concrete Shipwreck on Lake Dąbie with the Main Prize.

The project of adapting the shipwreck Betonowiec for tourism purposes, authored by Mateusz Tomaszewski, has won the main prize in the competition organized by the Marshal of West Pomeranian Voivodeship for “Best Diploma Works 2023″….

For 2.5 million PLN, the park on Hoża Street in Szczecin has changed its face. New pathways and playground.

The revitalization of the park on Hoża Street has been completed. There are new alleys, benches, trash bins, greenery, and a playground….

The voting for the Szczecin Civic Budget begins. There are 149 ideas to choose from.

Each resident of Szczecin has two votes at their disposal, one for local projects and one for projects in the “Green SBO” category. The voting for the SBO 2024 projects begins….

The European Commission has not yet decided on the funding for the delayed construction of the Szczecin Metropolitan Railway.

There theoretically shouldn’t be a problem, but nobody has triumphed yet. By the end of December, we should know the decision of the European Commission, upon which the relatively peaceful completion of the Szczecin Metropolitan Railway depends….