The largest amusement park will be built in the Masurian region.

The largest amusement park in Poland is a new investment planned by Ptak S.A. Its location is in Olsztynek in Mazury, which is easily accessible as it is located between two big cities – Warsaw and Gdansk. This type of attraction will surely attract both children and adults. Ptak S.A. is a company that has already built the Mandoria amusement park and the Warsaw Expo congress center. As part of the new investment, they have already made purchases – 300 hectares of land. The estimated project costs are 100 million Polish zlotys.

The investment opens up new perspectives in the region

The authorities of Olsztynek see this investment as a great opportunity for the town and its further development. If everything goes according to plan, the largest amusement park in Poland will be open in two years. According to the investment assumptions, the estimated number of visitors each year is expected to reach even one million.

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