Informacje z woj. mazowieckiego


This year in Warsaw, the fewest number of people died in history. There were months with a “vision zero.”

Probably, by the end of the year, Warsaw will once again record the fewest fatalities in road accidents in history. Road authorities have compared the current figures with the results from the past decades, and the differences are shocking….

On November 11th, the police will close off the Vistula River. Why?

Security measures for November 11th are not limited to land. The capital police have announced that due to Independence Day celebrations, they will close the water traffic on a section of the Vistula River….

Cryptocurrency mine in the NSA building. “Hidden in the ventilation duct.”

“Cryptocurrency mining rigs”, or special computers that consume vast amounts of electrical energy for their work, were hidden in the ventilation duct and technical floor of the building of the Supreme Administrative Court in Warsaw. A court technician reportedly discovered them at the end of August or beginning of September….

Reconstruction of Chmielna Street. A excavator and fences have appeared on the street. Oh, it’s so crowded now!

The first machines tearing up the pavement are already working on Chmielna Street, and a fence has been erected along the sidewalk. The long-awaited renovation, which has been postponed several times, is beginning. When will we see the results?…

Lex has been a developer in the freezer for eight months. The big change may bypass Targówek.

The investor wants to build approximately 360 apartments on the post-industrial grounds in Targówek, and in exchange, proposes a kindergarten and a park to the city. The matter has been waiting for a decision in one of the city offices for eight months, and the investor’s time to finalize the land purchase agreement is coming to an end….

“This was a peaceful gathering in defense of their rights. The first legal acquittal of the participants of the Rainbow Night.”

This is the first valid acquittal of the participants of the Rainbow Night. The District Court in Warsaw confirmed the decision of the first instance court. It acknowledged that the demonstrators were defending their constitutional rights and criticized the actions of the police….

More and more tourists in Warsaw. What countries do they come from most often?

Tourism in Warsaw is returning to pre-pandemic levels, announced the city’s municipality. Last year, the number of arrivals in the capital of Poland reached nearly 15 million, with the majority being domestic tourists….

Mazovia will allocate 900 million PLN. The money is intended for local governments and non-governmental organizations.

“We are guided by the principles of solidarity with our partners,” said Adam Struzik, Marshal of Mazovia (Polish People’s Party), announcing the call for applications for regional self-government support programs. In the election year, Mazovia will allocate as much as 900 million złoty….

Is Monika Strzępka firing people at the Dramatic Theatre for ideological reasons?

Director Monika Strzępka, an icon of the left and feminism, is accused of engaging in violent actions towards employees and firing actors for ideological reasons. The city hall promises an investigation….

The right-wing is deeply outraged that Karpiński will become a Member of the European Parliament. Did the pardon of Kamiński not hurt either?

One after another, the PiS politicians lamented on Wednesday about the fact that Włodzimierz Karpiński, who is currently in custody, will become a Member of the European Parliament. It’s a shame that this principled behavior only applies when it comes to opposition activists….

PKP has chosen a designer for the railway line to Modlin Airport. Marshal Struzik demands an audit of the “megalomaniacal Central Communication Port (CPK)”.

“I hope that after the change of the government, there will be an audit of the megalomaniac CPK project. And that the approach to Modlin airport will change,” says Marshal of Mazovia Adam Struzik. The government-owned company PKP PLK has already indicated the designer of the railway line to the passenger terminal after the elections.”…

“The ugliest new office building in the center of Warsaw? But it also has its advantages.”

There is a border between consciously subdued and nobly simple architecture and simply dull one. The new Skanska office building in Wola teeters on that border. However, it has a few advantages….

After the elections, Warsaw is returning to expanding the paid parking zone. Consultations in Mokotów, a new plan for Saska Kępa.

Road workers are returning to expanding the paid parking zone in Warsaw. After the elections, which were lost by PiS, they no longer fear intervention from politicized prosecutors and voivodes. Consultations are starting in Mokotów, and there is also a plan to unblock the parking meters on Saski Kępa and Kamionek….

The construction of a TBS (Municipal Rental Housing) block for nearly 100 million PLN is starting. The City Hall announces further similar investments.

After years of difficulties, the construction of a housing cooperative begins at the site of the former Banach bazaar in Ochota. The agreement with the contractor has just been signed, and Rafał Trzaskowski announced that the city hall is stepping up its efforts in urban development….