Chinese magnate begins construction of a factory in Wiechlice.

Lubuskie Voivodeship can boast another major investment. It is here, in Wiechlice near Szprotawa, on the grounds of the former Soviet airport, that a special economic zone attracting foreign investors is located. The Chinese corporation SANHUA Holding Group Co. Ltd. has already taken the necessary steps to create a production and warehouse facility. The facility being built in the town covers an area of ​​50,000 square meters.

500 new jobs for residents of Lubuskie

The new factory will specialize in producing components for brands such as Renault, Tesla, Mercedes, Audi, Porsche, and BMW. The investment will cost approximately 80 million euros. The establishment of the new production and warehouse facility will result in the creation of 500 new jobs. The global powerhouse supplying air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration systems at its Szprotawa branch plans to produce components for electric cars. This is not the first investment of the group in our country. The production facility in Wiechlice is the second one after the one previously built in Tychy.

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