Informacje z woj. pomorskiego


A huge investment on the Gdańsk Bay. 2.5-kilometer breakwaters will be built.

The Port of Gdynia is heading out to sea. Nearly 2.5 km of protective breakwaters will be built on the Gdańsk Bay for the future Outer Port. The search for a contractor to carry out the task in a “design and build” formula is underway….

Which cities are the healthiest to live in? A big surprise on the podium?

Krakow takes the best care of education. And Sopot can boast the best quality of environment. However, they did not turn out to be the leader of the 2nd Healthy Cities Index….

Przemysław Gulda about Paweł Huelle: Gdańsk has lost its most important storyteller of hidden stories.

I wrote about each of his books kindly, not because I knew him, but because his texts genuinely amazed me….

This government could be a source of pride for Poland in the world, if it wasn’t for being a farce.

For the first time in the Polish government, there are more women than men, but it is not a victory for feminism; on the contrary, it is an anti-women farce. Women in this government are only expected to clean up after their male colleagues and dutifully hand over the ministries to Tusk’s team….

Pawel Huelle has passed away. Friends remember: the last years were difficult for him.

We have been friends for a very long time, up until the last moments. I have been doing everything I could for him during these last difficult years. I was filled with despair about what was happening to him – Paweł Huelle reminisces about his friend, the painter Maciej Świeszewski….

Zawistowski on Paweł Huelle: the publisher couldn’t decide whether to print “Weiser Dawidek”.

Even before his debut novel “Weiser Dawidek”, which brought him fame and a position, he wrote a novel set during the state of war. He gave me fragments of it to read, but decided not to publish it – poet Władysław Zawistowski remembers the late writer Paweł Huelle….

Owner of the Gdansk Galleon facing charges for the water disaster on the Motlawa River in Gdansk.

The Galar, with 12 passengers on board, capsized upside down because – against warnings – it entered a strong water current caused by the tug’s propeller. Four people died. Both the helmsman and the galley owner now face charges….

Paweł Huelle is no longer alive. His friend Krzysztof Babicki: If he hadn’t neglected a few things in life, he could have received the Nobel Prize.

“He was a true-born playwright. He took on risky tasks, but he always succeeded in them. Last November, I had a meeting with him. He was in great shape,” recalls Krzysztof Babicki, a friend of his and the director of the Witold Gombrowicz Municipal Theater in Gdynia….

Paweł Huelle: Historical politics is national kitsch.

The history continues to echo with a heavy, dark sign – the year 1939, Yalta, sometimes communism. All of this is a summary of our life – said Paweł Huelle in an interview for “Wyborcza”. The Gdańsk writer died on Monday, November 27. He was 66 years old….

Paweł Huelle has passed away. The Gdansk writer was 66 years old.

The Gdańsk writer Paweł Huelle, author of, among others, the novel “Weiser Dawidek,” has passed away….

Paweł Huelle has passed away. The Gdańsk writer was 66 years old. The circumstances of his death will be investigated by the prosecutor.

Paweł Huelle, the author of, among others, the novel “Weiser Dawidek,” has passed away. The Gdańsk writer was found dead in his apartment. It has been preliminarily ruled out that third parties contributed to his death….

The bridge to Sobieszewo Island will be closed for two days. The reason is a cracked road surface.

On Tuesday and Wednesday (November 28-29), from 9 am to 3 pm, the bridge leading to Sobieszewo Island will be closed for traffic. During this time, inspections related to numerous surface defects will be carried out….

You definitely don’t know this. About a certain legend from Elbląg.

The most popular legend in Elbląg is the story of a baker who saved the city from being occupied by the Teutonic Knights’ soldiers. For some time now, his statue has been standing next to the Targowa Gate….

On December 13 in Gdansk, we remember small bookshops.

Gdańsk will celebrate the Day of Small Bookstores. During the interwar period and in the PRL, this day was celebrated as the Day of the Bookseller. – We want to remind people of this forgotten holiday and draw attention to the role of local booksellers and antiquarians – says Grzegorz Czekański from the Tajne Komplety bookstore in Gdańsk….

The General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways (GDDKiA) has been calculating a penalty for the delayed opening of the Kashubian Route for 1.5 years already. And still cannot reach a final amount.

Nobody has faced any consequences yet for the delayed opening of the Kaszubski Route, which was at least half a year late. GDDKiA is still considering the penalty it intends to impose on Polaqua, the contractor responsible for one of the road sections, which had a very slow pace of work….

Tomasz Chyła: It annoys me when people say that jazz is elitist.

“Music We Like To Dance To” – music that we want to dance to. Yes, quite atypically, for a album with jazz roots, the latest album from the band Tomasz Chyła is titled. The leader of the group tells the story of where this material came from….