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Lubusz companies issued fictitious invoices on a large scale. The Tax Office has recovered 5 million PLN.

Fictional invoices amounted to several million Polish zlotys, as calculated by employees of the National Tax Administration. After inspecting four companies in the Lubusz Voivodeship, they recovered approximately 5 million PLN….

“Landsberg closer to Christmas”. Instead of a Christmas market, this time there will be a winter town near Arena Gorzów.

The opening of the sports and entertainment hall is a key element of this year’s “Gorzów close to the holidays” campaign. The two-day event is scheduled for December 9th and 10th. There will be other events as well, and some of them will take place for the first time….

Train from Zielona Góra to Wrocław with a mandatory transfer. Marshal Jabłoński: “The Myrda Case”

From December 9, passengers from Zielona Góra will not be able to reach Wrocław by direct regional train. They will have to transfer in Głogów. How did this happen? Tymoteusz Myrda, Deputy Marshal of Lower Silesia, is said to be responsible. This is pointed out by the Marshal of Lubusz, Marcin Jabłoński. And not only him. The Mayor of Wrocław as well….

Silwana will be the largest shopping park in Lubusz.

Next year, we will be able to shop at Decathlon, Biedronka, Cropp, House, Jysk, and Diverse stores on Walczaka and Jedwabnicza Streets in Gorzów. On Monday, a ceremonial cornerstone laying took place. The shopping park has officially been named Silwana….

Wacław Maciuszonek is returning to the Civic Platform party. “No one was breaking anyone’s wheel.”

The Civic Platform is strengthening in the Lubusz voivodeship council. Wacław Maciuszonek, the head of the council, has joined it from the Non-party group. – This is a well-thought-out decision and it was not influenced by the recent victory in the parliamentary elections – he says….

The Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) does not accept applications for the adjustment of the 500+ to 800+ benefit.

False information has appeared on the Internet that the Social Insurance Institution accepts applications for increasing the 500+ benefit to 800+. The document templates for the increase from August to December 2023 are fake, attempts to deceive and obtain our data….

From Babimost to Marsa Alam. The first flight on December 22nd.

Charter flights from the Podzielonogorski airport are offered by Coral Travel travel agency. Weekly holidays in Egypt cost from 2.1 thousand PLN….

Siechnice had trouble only at the beginning of the match. The basketball “Kangaroos” remembered how to win.

The most important thing this weekend was for the citizens of Gorzów to finally end their long series of defeats. EIG CEZiB Kangoo Basket Gorzów – KKS Siechnice 78:63….

Gorzów’s volleyball players unexpectedly returned from Poznan without any achievements.

Our second league team has to work hard because if we continue to lose points, we may not make it to the top four in the regular phase. Enea Energetyk Poznań – Agencja Inwestycyjna Stilon Gorzów 3:1….

Two tragic fires in abandoned buildings. Three homeless people have died.

First, an empty building in Torzym caught fire, then in Ośnie Lubuski. In the first fire on Friday, one person died, while in the second, two people lost their lives….

The league spring started excellently for Stilonowcy at minus two degrees Celsius.

I hope that in 2024, the entire rematch round will be as successful for Stilon supporters as this Sunday’s match in Częstochowa. Raków II Częstochowa – Stilon Gorzów 1:3….

“Come back, daddy, don’t drink vodka.” Marek Kowalski has been living sober for 25 years.

Marek “Koval” Kowalski, an icon of the sobriety movement in Nowa Sól: – Alcohol is a great enemy, you rarely encounter a greater one. It is deceitful. Today, I know that I made the right move by quitting vodka. Otherwise, we might not be talking now….

Handball players from Stal Gorzów defeat the strong Mielec and once again climb to the top of the Central League.

Excellent, Saturday’s match in the hall at Szare Szeregi was decided in favor of the people of Gorzów in the last 10 minutes. Budimex Stal Gorzów – Handball Stal Mielec 26:23….

Crazy last league match in Gorzów this year. Eight goals and just a draw between Warta and the newly promoted team.

It’s impossible to win with so many fatal mistakes in defense. After the last two home matches against newcomers, we expected more than just two draws. AstroEnergy Warta Gorzów – LZS Starowice Dolne 4:4….

New embankments in the area of Nowa Sól and Krosno Odrzańskie cost almost 300 million PLN. Wody Polskie: They will protect nearly 50 thousand people.

The Polish Water Management Authority has announced the completion of the expansion of flood embankments in the area of Nowa Sól and Krosno Odrzańskie. The works, financed by World Bank loans, amounted to a total cost of 292 million PLN….

The decision has been made. The A4 motorway will not bypass Wrocław.

The General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways has withdrawn the idea of building a new section of the A4 motorway south of Wrocław. However, they still stick to their plans of widening the road to six lanes….