New regulations to fight against unscrupulous property developers. Will they be effective?

Over the years, there has been a lot of talk about the need to introduce regulations governing the minimum size of residential premises. The aim of the changes is to stabilize the housing market in Poland.

Studio apartment no smaller than 25 m2

According to the regulations that are to be implemented no later than a few months from now, the minimum size of a residential premises should be 25 square meters. The new rules also concern the distance between balconies of different buildings. Currently, developers are allowed to build a residential unit with a balcony 4 meters from the plot boundary. After the modifications of the laws, this distance should be 5 meters.

More green areas and playgrounds in multi-family housing estates

The changes also include common areas, including playgrounds. They are to be an obligation of the developer provided that a given building has more than 20 apartments. It is also necessary to provide the residents with biologically active areas and storage spaces for bicycles or strollers.

Acoustic insulation of apartments under control

With the aim of improving the comfort of living for residents of multi-family buildings, acoustic control has also been envisaged for newly handed over apartments. In case of any irregularities, it is necessary to report the matter to the District Construction Supervisor. If the building has more than 101 apartments, there should be at least half a square meter of space per resident.

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