The opening of the Metropolitan Station in Lublin has been postponed.

The opening of the Metropolitan Station, which has been repeatedly postponed and eagerly awaited, is planned for December 2023. However, this date raises some doubts. The completion of the works has been postponed several times. Initially, it was supposed to be completed by the end of 2022. The next date was set for May 2023. Now, the contractor, Budimex company, has announced that it will not happen before the end of 2023. As the reason for this turn of events, the contractor indicates design errors and logistical difficulties caused first by the pandemic and later by the war outbreak in Ukraine. As the deadlines stipulated in the contract were binding, the company, in order to avoid legal consequences, is applying for an extension of the deadline for the completion of the works. However, the authorities have not yet responded to this.

Design errors delayed the investment

The investment faced numerous problems, including design errors that made it impossible to install escalators. The solution to this problem turned out to be creating an excavation by cutting into the foundation slab. Because the problem was difficult to solve, the city took a long time to find the right contractor. When it was finally found, the amount demanded for the work turned out to be too high. The estimated cost of the entire investment will exceed 316 million Polish zlotys, of which 178.5 million Polish zlotys comes from EU funds. The scale of the investment is impressive. Even at this stage, the building looks extremely magnificent. The project is intended to fit, in every aspect, into the trend of searching for ecological and nature-friendly solutions. It combines the greenery of the People’s Park with a green wall and a rooftop garden. The construction of the facility will allow for the revitalization of the district and its attractiveness. 

The different face of the neighboring area

The reconstruction of nearby streets is aimed at improving traffic flow and creating a modern transportation hub that integrates railway, urban, and suburban transport. The densely covered roof with photovoltaic panels and modern heat pumps are intended to cover a large portion of the station’s energy demand for heating and electricity. The appropriately selected plants on the roof and anti-smog paving blocks (containing titanium dioxide) will improve the air quality in the area. The use of rainwater harvesting system is another eco-friendly solution.

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