Łódź: The 17th social fridge is now operational.

Every day in Poland, 5 million tons of food is wasted. This number includes both food from stores as well as from households. 60% of this food is improperly used or bought in excess by private individuals.

Foodsharing Łódź is opening another social refrigerator. This is already the 17th point on the map of Łódź where people in difficult financial situations can count on support. The responsible party for this initiative is the group Foodsharing Łódź. The idea of food sharing has proven successful, which is why it is expanding to new locations. The new point is located near the Daily Shelter for Persons with Disabilities and the Elderly on Ćwiklińska Street 5a. The sponsor of this place is the company Whirlpool. Along with the refrigerator, a social cupboard has also been launched. It is a space where used but still in good condition books, toys, and clothes can be left.

Ecology and economy go hand in hand. The idea behind the creation of urban food sharing is to provide food to the poorest and prevent the waste of food surplus. Private individuals as well as companies can leave any food products there, thus protecting them from being thrown away. Anyone in need can use the refrigerator and the social cupboard. All they need to do is visit the point during specified hours.

Help wisely – not everything is suitable. People who want to share a meal with others should remember certain rules. They should not leave raw animal products in the refrigerator (such as tartare, chicken fillet, or ground meat), nor products based on raw eggs (including pastries with cream or homemade mayonnaise). Leaving alcohol is also not allowed. Products that will soon expire should also not be placed in the social refrigerator. A crucial element of helping others is to accurately label the date of meal preparation and its expiration date. The issue of food waste is a very important social and ecological matter, especially in the age of rapidly rising food prices.

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