Tender for the reconstruction of 13 streets in the heart of Kielce.

According to Jarosław Skrzydło, spokesperson for the Municipal Road Administration in Kielce, the submission of applications for the tender has recently been completed.

13 streets in Kielce will be rebuilt

The offers are currently being verified in order to select the contractor for works on the following streets: Paderewskiego, Równa, Złota, Żeromskiego, Głowackiego, Nowy Świat, Silniczna, Bp. Kaczmarek, Solna, Panoramiczna, Seminaryjska, Śniadeckich, and Al. IX Wieków Kielc. The works will mainly focus on replacing the pavement on all listed streets, and in selected areas, on upgrading the street lighting. Underground networks, including rainwater drains, will only be replaced to a limited extent. Electrical and sewage installations are not considered.

New pavements, bicycle paths, and plantings

Improving the appearance and functionality of the streets includes not only renovating the pavement but also preserving the existing trees and adding new plantings. There will also be new bicycle paths on the northern side of Al. IX Wieków Kielc, on a section of Kaczmarek and Seminaryjska streets, as well as on Głowackiego and Śniadeckich streets. The investment costs are substantial and come from the Government Fund for Poland’s Deal: Strategic Investment Program. The funding amount was 61 million Polish zlotys.

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