Americans will build a military base in Powidz.

Americans are increasingly investing in military bases in Poland, contributing to the strengthening of NATO’s eastern flank. Currently, there are about 5,000 American soldiers stationed in our country, with about 300 of them permanently stationed here.

New base for the US Army in Poland

One of the new points on the map will be the complex in Powidz. The main purpose of the facility will be the storage of ammunition and equipment for the US Army in the event of an open armed conflict. The site will also include workshops available to the US armored brigade. The location near the military airport and access to the highway and railway is not accidental. The point can be used to equip units arriving by air. This reduces the need for a larger number of units stationed in this area.

What will the complex consist of?

Even a railway sidetrack has been built on the site. The work may extend until 2024. 56 ammunition depots, tank washers, repair halls – these are just some of the elements of the complex. This method of deploying equipment and personnel has been used by the United States for a very long time. Typically, the military uses several points as warehouses. Others are used for rotational or permanent stationing of units.

Thoughtful location of the base in Powidz

The location of the base is not accidental. On one hand, it is separated from Russia by the Vistula river, on the other hand, dense forests somewhat mask it from a potential aggressor. The unit’s territory houses billions of dollars worth of Abrams tanks, Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, Paladin artillery, and other equipment. The base can accommodate up to 4,500 people, including heavy combat equipment. This is not the only armament point in Polish territory. In Poznań, there is a corps command that can manage a 30,000-strong force if needed.

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